Logo Design – Maple-Key Properties

Maple-Key Properties is a small property management and investment company. We have had the pleasure of creating their logo design system.

We tried to capture the playful motion of fallen maple keys twirling in the wind by pairing a very rapid and loose script with a maple key icon. The typefaces “Quigley” and “Sovba” were selected for this purpose. The advantage of using standard typefaces, as opposed to custom lettering, in a logo design is that the typefaces can be implemented in future projects as headings and subtitles which will make for a very simple and unified design system.typeThe logo was first created in black and white to ensure a pure form before colour was considered. This one-colour logo has been dressed in Pantone spot 376C.


We like to use the industry standard Pantone Matching System (PMS) when selecting colours because they give us, and any other design or print professional, a physical swatch to refer to for matching. From these spot colours we can derive colour formulas to be used in different colour systems and across various media such as on digital displays or in process printing.


A logo, when combined with intentionally chosen typefaces and a consistently implemented colour pallet, provides a very simple system that will ensure a uniform and professional appearance across all current and future promotional projects.

cardThis system for Maple-Key Properties has been translated into a simple and elegant set of letterpress printed business cards. The one colour design made this specialized printing method much less costly than a multi-colour print run would have been and it is no less visually interesting.


Attractive tenant and visitor parking signs were later created using the same system. The value of these visual brand identity rules will continue to grow over the life of the business.parkingContact Signs by Jukes today. We’d love to talk with you about your logo.